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Attachment 2

Pathways to Health

1. RESOURCES: The District shall allocate resources through partnerships, District-run programs and grants to non-profit organizations to foster health education and healthcare services within the District and may utilize forums, festivals, classes or other endeavors as authorized by state law to that end.
2. PROFILE: The District shall adopt and update an annual District Health Profile to highlight health conditions, demographics, and issues within the District.
3. OUTREACH: The District shall utilize a District Outreach Committee, chaired by a Board member, to facilitate coordination, outreach, review and study of health matters to District residents. The committee shall have no more than 21 official voting members and an unlimited number of ex-officio non-voting members. The District Board shall review composition and membership of the District Outreach Committee every two years. The Board President shall appoint its chair. The committee shall meet at the call of the chair.
4. SPACE: The District shall adopt a policy for use of its portion of the Pittsburg Health Center for health-related activities benefitting District residents and for business meetings of non-profit groups with members residing in the District.
5. ADVOCATE: The District may act as an advocate for District residents with other agencies and bodies in health-related matters as may be authorized from time to time by the District Board.
6. WEB SITE: The District shall operate an internet web site (lmchd.org) to provide District residents access to agendas, minutes, financial and other documents and information and to allow a means of feedback to the District Board.
7. STAFFING: The District shall utilize volunteers, consultants, or personnel of other agencies in carrying out its mission to the extent feasible and cost effective in order to limit hiring of its own staff.
8. VOLUNTEERS: The District shall maintain a list of volunteers and call upon them as needed to assist and participate in District programs and activities. The Board President may designate a volunteer coordinator for programs or activities that require major volunteer help.
9. FUTURE: As landlord and owner of the Pittsburg Health Center premises, the District shall cooperate with Contra Costa County in operation of the premises and shall conduct a feasibility study prior to the expiration of the County lease on future utilization of the premises including possible use as a hospital.