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LMCHD Sponsored Eyeglasses Program


Lloyd Cunningham
Site for Sore Eyes

Rita Medina
Eye to Eye


Francis Ong
California Eye Clinic



Dr. ReJois Frazier-Myers
Director of Student Services
Pittsburg Unified School District


Tom Carman
Bel Air Elementary



Curlie Jackson
Eyeglasses Committee


Dr. J. Vern Cromartie



"Student, Malik, had been using his mother's glasses and eventually fell down some stairs because he could not see properly.  Now he has his own pair of glasses and he is very happy that he can see!  We just want you to know how appreciative we are of LMCHD and this (Eye Glass) program, it is a much needed resource for our students! Thank you"

—Heidi Souders, District Secretary III, Office of Student Services


To ensure continued success, the LMCHD Board of Directors approved an additional $15,000 for the Eye Glasses Grant Program on June 10, 2002. The initial $5,000 allotment has been fully utilized in helping to alleviate a pressing need. Spearheaded by area resident Joe Rubi, the Eye Glasses Program has succeeded in obtaining free eye examinations for 87 elementary school students within the district. Of the 87, 54 were found to be in need of corrective lenses. The program is aimed at elementary-aged children of lower income families of schools in the boundaries of the Los Medanos Health Care District.

Rubi’s commitment to the project involved one-on-one meetings with elementary school principals, awareness promotion at PUSD meetings, and other essential task necessary for such success. In recognition, Rubi received a special award for his efforts on September 17, 2002.

Children eligible to receive the free eye exam are sent to Sight For Sore Eyes in Pittsburg, or to Dr. Eileen Linder in Antioch. Upon examination, the child can receive a pair of eyeglasses, free of charge.

The LMCHD Board of Directors is currently implementing a plan to provide transportation to outstanding and future children. As of this writing, there are 34 eligible students pending.

For more information on the grant program, or to find out if your child is eligible, please contact your child's elementary school.


On January 13 of 2003, the LMCHD Board of Directors voted to extend the highly successful Eye Glasses program to preschoolers. Please contact your child's preschool for information on availability.




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